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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Carry The Weight - Denison Witmer

Official Website: http://www.denisonwitmer.com
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/denisonwitmer

While killing time at Schuler's today I came across a "Paste Recommendations" shelf. On that shelf was Denison Witmer's, "Carry The Weight". The name seemed familiar, however I could not put my finger on the music of Denison. After scanning the label and briefly listening to a couple tracks I decided on this over Fionn Regan's, "The End of History", which I had been carrying around for the previous hour or so.

Across the street my wife was catching up with some girlfriends from highschool. She had our two children with her. I had all morning to read through the staff reviews and decide on something, after all I had a giftcard that had to go toward some sort of purchase.

It wasn't until I got home that I really truly listened to the album. The way I listen to albums for the first time probably isn't the way a proper album is to be listened to. Generally, I'll tear open the case and check out the artwork and booklet (if there should be one). During this process I have also started the music and typically I'll listen for 20 seconds or so before switching to the next song. I do this until I reach the end and then decide on the songs that I connected with. Then I go back through listening to my intial "favorites".

Every album has an evolution process with me. Some songs that initially garner my attention, often end up seeming trite in their repetition. Other songs that seem slow moving often show their beauty in their build... and then there is my mood to factor in too. Oh, it can be complex.

Anyway, back to Witmer's music.

1) Beautiful Boys and Girls
The album starts with Beautiful Boys and Girls. With full band instrumentation, and Witmer's soothing and simple vocals. Honestly, the song (as of now) seemed a bit like a boring start to me, and the chorus seemed to repeticious. Although, I did like the change in flow during the bridge and the harmony sung during the chorus. The electric guitar sparked a little more interest toward the end, but just as it seemed to be taking off the song ended (maybe a good thing).

2) Life Before Aesthetics
Life Before Aesthetics is an upbeat tune that proclaims that life is more than just material things. It's a bob-your-head song, a catchy tune with some great organs that kick in during the chorus. I love a good hammond (by the way Blake Wescott is credited for playing that, as well as acoustic and electric guitars, bass, wurlitzer, vocals and producing the album). The end is great with the layered vocals of verse and chorus filling the space simultaneously.

3) From Here On Out
This song starts with a fingerpicking reminescent of Ben Gibbard's playing on "Follow You Into the Dark". In fact, Witmer's voice (especially on this song) is also reminescent of Gibbard. The bass and wurlitzer kick in at the start of the second verse and from there the song just continues to grow. The song ends with, "from here on out it looks like you and me." After just today's listen - this is my favored track - I'm sure that will likely change (see above comment about 'evolution of an album').


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